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Located in historic Wickford Village, Shayna's Place is a family owned and operated café.

Shayna is the ultimate foodie and has developed an extraordinarily diverse palate that covers the spectrum of taste and cultures.  Always eager to explore new foods, she has an ever growing collection of wonderful cookbooks, often introducing family and friends to some hidden treasures and great recipes!    

Shayna is a vibrant, beautiful young lady. She is twenty-one years old, and full of life and love. Shayna has Down Syndrome, but in our family we call it Up Syndrome — because that’s who Shayna is. She raises our family up and inspires so many others to be better people, reach higher and never give up on their dreams!




(401) 294-8740



45 Brown Street
North Kingstown, RI 02852



Open Daily | 7am - 4:30pm

Ice Cream | Fri - Sun 12 - 8:00pm